Monday, March 30, 2015

Allo Monday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

29: A Year in Review...

In preparation for turning thirty in March I've decided to review 29. The burning question being “did I squander the final year of my twenties?”.  Instinctively I say... no. However only closer investigation of my social media postings will tell.

There was loads to celebrate which always helps?

For example...My parents it turned out were married for ages..

A party was had -  it was very enjoyable.

Huzzar for marriage...

Being an Aunt was still awesomesauce. I've still not changed one nappy.

Esp. at Christmas. Look at him there.

This year I even got to go on a mini break with my Mom which was of course was hilarious!

This was really high just FYI

Neither of us know how to relax so when we were nearly trapped on an island due to rising tides we were delighted.

Chris & I enjoyed being engaged for awhile

His love affair with the cats and his guitar continued while I graciously looked the other way. 

My very beautiful besties got up to all sorts from turning 30, getting engaged and embarking on roadtrips. 

In London before Rachels' engagement 

Celebrating her old age in style.

Duck faces were important to master in general.

I just couldn't get it... 

Before long Nicola was also over the proverbial hill.

One of our oldest (as in known a long time - though she really is the patriarch of the group) friends got married. And it perfect and wonderful and extremely special.

Wedding Selfies were of course all the rage.

My favourite picture of the couple.

The School Gang together again.

Oh and I fell in love with Kerry/ Kilarney.

 So Chris & I ended up road tripping there a lot this summer. 

 And I completed the first item on my bucketlist! I finally saw Fungi the Dolphin.

The of course GISHWHES happened. Our team was brilliant. 

How we came together was so random but so perfect!

My sister Caroline really threw herself into it - I was very impressed!

Don't know what GISHWHES is check out in summary it's 


Work wise UTV Ireland kinda blind sided everyone and it didn't make life easier (esp. since I'm obviously a UTV spy) but somehow my purple rose tinted glasses just remember how amazing the weather was last summer.

 Oh and the time we got ice cream (to be fair we often got ice cream in UTV too)

BBQ Fridays had no reported cases of food positioning

After writing a 50,000 word novel based on the Daily Mail Sales Conference that was promised but never had I finally attended my first sales conference this year. 

Most importantly I was on the winning team #teamdickheads 

I was also pretty excited about creeping around the Toy Show and Jedward.

I managed to mask my fangirling excessively about the Power Rangers.

But massively failed with faced with Boyzone's Keith Duffy. I literally had to apologize to co-workers after my behaviour. 

Our Bucket Challenge was a really an elaborate, over the top affair. 

My work secret Santa got me a rabbit onesie and everyone wore Christmas jumpers. 

Hmmm that's a lot of work related stuff...

More importantly there was top notch solo selfies.

That's chip from Skullmuggery

This is me as a doll.

This is me rocking big brows. It seemed the thing to do at the time.

Then all this misc shite happened too.

I got this shoes.

Afternoon Tea in the Shelbourne

Proper fancy dress this Halloween.

Terri started a big adventure.

Followed by an even bigger adventure

Tara & I  thought Beyonce was a bit OTT

Paul made nachos and WWE was rockin'

Rachel was a weird scientist at Tracey's hen party.

Snoopy was overpowering

Blaine was adorbs

There was deer and lots of walks in the park.

And I was REALLY afraid at Halloween Scare Fest (I couldn't breathe.. like actually had to politely get on with it when I thought I was dying of fright)

I solved the mystery chest pain!!! 

Thomas surprised everyone with a Christmas visit!

Rebecca remained my muse and appartently has an elusive online presence

Most importantly her cat


My major take away from 29 was the phrase...

Conclusion: A less sitting on the couch then previous years.