Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chris's Music Tutorials

Thursday, May 16, 2013

National Volunteer Week

So this week is National Volunteering Week, proudly supported by the very lovely Garnier of course.

It's the one week of the year when Volunteer Ireland and all the other groups who depend so much on volunteers encourage peeps to give volunteering a try, so that everyone can learn that volunteering can make a big difference whilst being fun! 

Volunteering is something I've always done. From a young age in school it was simply something you did. The majority of the skills I use daily in sales were formed arranging school fundraisers rather than learning the square root of pie (which is really only asked for in pub quizzes). We should all be forced to do it!

The past few years I have been volunteering purely for Phoenix FM a community radio station in Dublin 15. Moving from Limerick to Dublin many moons ago always left me feeling a bit homeless or disconnected. I didn't know my neighbours or the history of my area but joining Phoenix FM changed all that. Sure the basic geography of Dublin 15 still boggles my mind but I've a lot more friends and potential pet sitters.

Donal for example who I used to regularly co present Artistic License with is a living legend while Chris Hitchcock has more on air talent than half of RTE. Our chairman has more passion and drive than the cabinet. And so on and so forth.

They are always looking for volunteers and are happy to show you the ropes or find a suitable role. Check out for deets just don't say I sent you! Not in D15 than check out for your local station.

Blast from the Past - Andrea Nicole

Came across a lady from my past this week. The lovely Andy lived in the apartment next door while I studied Radio in IADT.

She was always crazy talented though a bit shy so it's a great to see in the past ten years she's been following her passion. She's been to the Grammy's and even written with Chris Brown according to the rumour mill.

Basically the kind of overachiever you don't want to run into at your ten year reunion. Fingers crossed this single gets the support it deserves.