Thursday, January 2, 2014

I like Chris!

So I don’t think I’ve ever done a blog post about my other half Chris. His lovely! I met Chris in college in our second week and at first I was a bit mean to him coz he was all emo and he gave me a wide berth coz I was really out there dressed in bright pink with glitter all over my face (so nothing has changed) but we soon became firm friends before long we started dating and by the end of college I knew he was the one.

His the last piece of my puzzle and as I’m often reminded “who else would out up with you”. And their right no one else would understand why a zombie attack escape plan is equally as important as a fire escape plan to have in the house, or help me intervene when a mean man on gumtree is planning on killing poor innocence rabbits and not complain when said rabbits populate our spare room for a few weeks…  
We’ve been dating over a decade so from our teens to now nearly all of our twenties. Last year we got engaged in spectacular fashion (yah!) and now we’re planning on getting married.

The plan is to win our Wedding! Ireland’s newest wedding magazine BASH Magazine has put together an amazing competition to launch itself. I’m pretty sure they have been following me on pinterest because they have gathered up all our ultimate wish list of suppliers. We’ve had our heart set on an intimate and relaxed wedding off St. Stephen Green/ Grafton Street since before we got engaged. Fallon and Byrne is Chris the foodie’s happy place (many an hour spend browsing at the mushrooms in the food hall) while I’ve been obsessing over Pretty as a Picture’s couture stationary since I first saw them featured on One Fab Day one of my favourite blogs. My dad’s favourite car is the Citroen DS! And so on and so forth.

We’re in the final four thanks to our family and friends helping us create a kick ass video set at the bandstand near the Zoo in the Phoenix park the scene of our first date. Now it’s been put to the public to decide who wins so now we’re campaigning for your votes – that means you can help our dream wedding come true by voting for us. We’re Sharon and Chris – video four “The Creatives”. To vote please go to

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