Thursday, March 19, 2009

Being an addict...

3 days without checking animal rescue websites - have talked a lot about it though... walkiing a lot instead which is making me quite sleepy? I'm quite sleepy anyway...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paddy's Day Simpsons

As Catherine Tate might say what a load of old crap! Can't say I enjoyed the Simpsons Irish epid. Don't know why they didn't do even a little bit of research! Police = Garda and red buses? Green would of been a better guess. Lame jokes like Paddywagon - I mean our wagon? I think it was more for Irish Americans than Irish people so hey ho -ho hum! At least we got good publicity out of it... Wonder is Obama and Cowen watched it? Best bit was definately Glen Hansard who looks dashing as cartoon!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Interesting Phrase!

Heard an interesting phrase at the weekend! If you didn't do in the Boom - good luck to you now we're bust! I think it has to be said in a heavy country accent for it's full meaning to be evident... 

I'm quitting!

I've decided to quit my pet saving endeavors before it leads me to financial ruin. No more gumtree/irishanimals/dogsindistress/petsireland/ etc I'm deleting my accounts, emails with passwords & scrapping my fav's! I'll stick to my pets and thats it! Not even Evelyn's pets! In fact I may return some of hers too her... maybe not! 
Trying to help animals just brings in diseases and heart acne when the majority of them die! Lets see how long this will last? I was meant to have given up for Chris before Christmas but I have been checking the websites on the sly! on my pretty pink laptop! No puppies, kittens, bunnies or guinea piggies! Thats my motto from now on!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Enabler!

One of my worst habits - but once your in the circle how do you escape? I dunno and googling doesn't help maybe I'll twitter Stephen Fry cleverest person in the world and see what the story is!


Hmmmmmmmmmm............pondering deleting my facebook in favour for twiiter slash blogging... don't know what to do

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Having a Benylin day - I've a cold again! Surely having one for the whole of January is enough? My immune system says no! Running out of Kleenex tissues with the Balsam - it won't be a pretty sight if I don't get some more. If only I had a helper Monkay to run to spar. Might sleep more as it is the tradition on sick days. Tempted to have another night instead of a day (you'll only get that if you take Benylin Day & Night)might eat a bit of trifle instead?

Good Blog!

Just found this amazing blog - really, really beautiful! It's actually a couple that write a blog together *AW* I love it - going to ask loads and loads of questions about it when I see the lady who writes at work tomorrow! Amazewing! Don't know how to "follow" it per say but sure I'll figure it out!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fine Gael to the rescue

Why has Govt taken 4 Years to produce laws to close down abusive puppy farms? - Doyle 

Bizarre secrecy over proposed regulations

Fine Gael Deputy Agriculture Spokesperson, Wicklow Deputy Andrew Doyle, has said that, despite the establishment of a working group in 2004, draft regulations on puppy farms are still only being finalised. Deputy Doyle has called for the draft regulations to be brought before the Dáil so that amendments can be made to ensure effective law to target those who abuse dogs.

"There are people operating large scale puppy 'farms' who have thousands of animals kept under unsuitable or abusive conditions. Since 2004, there has been much work done by a large working group to recommend draft regulations, with input from reputable Wicklow Dog Breeders. However, despite my repeated calls for information, there has been no comment from the Department about the review or publication of draft regulations. 

"Replying to my Dáil question, the new Minister for State for Environment said this week that draft regulations for the control of dogs, which will include dog breeding establishments, were being finalised. These regulations would apply to anyone with more than five female dogs, it would be funded by licence fees from dog breeders, microchips would be required and dogs for export would be properly treated. The Minister added that he will 'finalise matters in the coming weeks'. 

"I believe the draft regulations need to come before the Dáil because due consideration has to be given to areas outside the remit of the working committee. I am calling for a review of the Control of Dogs Regulations, a review of Animal Welfare Act, and a public education initiative for dog welfare and consolidation of spaying and neutering initiatives. Those issues not taken on board in the current version of the draft regulations would then be included. There is a need to bring in primary legislation in order to get an effective piece of law in place that targets the real culprits of dog abuse."

Spotted this on Gumtree of all places!

Today, too many animals are transported under unacceptable conditions on European highways.

The most important issue is the duration of the transports. Current EU legislation allows for animals to be transported for several days. This has to be changed. Live animals for slaugther should never be transported for more than eight hours.

Support 8hours. Our goal is to collect 1,000,000 signatures, something EU politicians will not be able to ignore. 

Here is the link:

Please if you have one more minute can you please sing one more petition regarding an international ban of seal trade. You can find it on

Thank You Very Much for ur Help

Kitten Wanted

I'm also on the look out for a kitten of any colour or sex between 12 weeks and 4 months! Chris works with a lady who wants a kitten for her daughters birthday - nice family. But alas it's not kitten season!

Lab x Ten months old Home Needed

I know of a lovely lab x looking for a home! Typical playful puppy! It's a boy - contact me for details.

Fellow D15 heads check out 

Walkers group after being set up - should prob. go to it after how amazing Stephen Fry is looking on twitter. All he ever does is walk! Would like to do a pet network as part of the clonsilla group. Database on lost/found pets. Homes needed/wanted? dog walking groups or dog minding swaps etc Maybe if community mucked in more and help out pets in their own areas it'd give a bit of relief to the rescue centres around the country! Will have a ponder about it! 

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Beidh Seachtain na Gaeilge ar siúl ón 2 - 17 Márta 2009.

Thanks to Ian Demspey for the reminder to speak a cupla focla this week! 

Thenet -

Bebo page -

Raidió Rí-Rá -

Conradh na Gaeilge -

Leabhar Power -