Monday, April 26, 2010

Weightwatcher pts

Need to silm now for TV Now Awards - only option = WeightWatchers!

Found this handy list of Takeaway points!

Beef chop suey 5
Beef chow mein 8 B
Beef Sate 6
Beef with black bean sauce 8
Beef with cashews 8½
Beef with celery 6
Beef with noodles 10½
Beef with peppers 5½
Beef szechuan 12
Braised duck 13½
Braised prawns with vegetables 3
Butterfly prawns 7½

Chicken with cashew nuts 6½
Chicken chop suey 6
Chicken Chow mein 7½
Chicken satay 5½
Chicken stick 2½
Chicken szechuan 4
Chicken with asparagus 6
Chicken with almonds 5½
Chicken with cashew nuts & yellow bean sauce 6½
Chicken with green papper & black bean sauce 5
Chicken with lychees 5½
Chicken with pineapple 3
Chicken with water chestnut 5
Chinese vegetables 1

Combination chop suey 4½
Crab in ginger sauce 2½
Crispy fish in chilli sauce 6½
Curried beef 8
Duck with pineapple 11
Fillet steak chinese style 5
Garlic pork rashers 18
Ginger beef 5½
Ginger shallot chicken 11
Hoi sin chicken 12
Honey chilli chicken 11½
Honeyed chicken & pineapple 12½
Lemon & ginger chicken 5½
Lemon chicken 7½
Mushroom noodles in oyster sauce 6½
Noodle baskets 7

Pork chop suey 6
Pork chow mein 8½
Pork ribs with chili plum sauce 13
Pork & chicken with black bean sauce 6

Prawn chop suey 3
Prawn chow mein 5½
Prawn omelette 7
Special chop suey 4½
Spiced chicken 15½
Spiced pork 18½
Squid with broccoli 5½
Steamed pork bun 3½
Stir fried beef with spring onions 5
Sweet & sour beancurd 3½
Sweet & sour chicken 10
Sweet & sour king prawn balls 9
Sweet & sour pork 10
Sweet & sour pork chop 11
Beef noodles 3½
Boiled rice 6½
Chicken fried rice 9½
Chicken noodles 3½
Chinese mixed pickles 1½
Egg fried rice 10
Mushroom rice 4½
Shrimp fried rice 9½
Special fried rice 10
Sweet & sour sauce 3
Vegetable fried rice 9½

Hamburger small 7
Cheeseburger, small 9
Bacon Cheeseburger 10
Double Cheeseburger 14
Bacon Double Cheeseburger 15
WHOPPER JR. Sandwich 10
WHOPPER JR. Sandwich, without mayonnaise 7
WHOPPER JR. with cheese Sandwich 11
WHOPPER JR. with Cheese Sandwich, without mayonnaise 9
WHOPPER Sandwich 16
WHOPPER Sandwich without mayonnaise 12
WHOPPER with Cheese Sandwich 19
WHOPPER with Cheese Sandwich, without mayonnaise 14
DOUBLE WHOPPER Sandwich without mayonnaise 18
DOUBLE WHOPPER with Cheese Sandwich 25
DOUBLE WHOPPER with Cheese Sandwich without mayo. 21
BIG KING Sandwich 16
BK BROILER Chicken Sandwich 12
BK BROILER Chicken Sandwich without mayonnaise 8
Chicken Sandwich 17
Chicken Sandwich without mayonnaise 11
Chick ‘N Crisp Sandwich 11
Chick ‘N Crisp Sandwich without mayonnaise 8
BK BIG FISH Sandwich 17

Chicken Tenders and Sauces Points
Chicken Tenders, 4 pieces 5
Chicken Tenders, 5 pieces 6
Chicken Tenders, 8 pieces 9
Barbecue Dipping Sauce, (1 packet) 1
Honey Flavored Dipping Sauce, (1 packet) 2
Honey Mustard Sauce, (1 packet) 2
Ranch Dipping Sauce, (1 packet) 5
Sweet & Sour Dipping Sauce, (1 packet) 1

Side Orders Points
French Fries, 1 small serving 6
French Fries, 1 medium serving 9
French Fries, 1 king size serving 13
Onion Rings, 1 medium serving 8
Onion Rings, 1 king size serving 13

Breakfast Points
Biscuit 7
Biscuit with Egg 9
Biscuit with Sausage 12
Biscuit with Sausage, Egg & Cheese 16
Cini-minis (without vanilla icing), (4 rolls) 11
Vanilla Icing Dip for Cini-minis (2 Tbsp) 2
CROISSAN’WICH with Sausage Egg and Cheese 14
CROISSAN’WICH with Sausage and Cheese 12
French Toast Sticks, without syrup (5 sticks) 10
A.M. EXPRESS DIP (2 Tbsp) 2
A.M. EXPRESS Grape or Strawberry Jam, (1 Tbsp) 1
Hash Brown Rounds, small 6
Hash Brown Rounds, large 10

Shakes and Desserts Points
Chocolate Shake, small 7
Chocolate Shake, syrup added, small 8
Chocolate Shake, medium 9
Chocolate Shake, syrup added, medium 12
Strawberry Shake, syrup added, small 8
Strawberry Shake, syrup added, medium 11
Vanilla Shake, small 7
Vanilla Shake, medium 9
Dutch Apple Pie

14 inch Large Deep Dish Pizza

Deep Dish Cheese Pizza 8
Deep Dish Deluxe Pizza Feast 9
Deep Dish Hawaiian Pizza Feast 9
Deep Dish Vegi Pizza Feast 9

14 inch Large Hand Tossed Pizza

Hand Tossed Cheese Pizza 5
Hand Tossed Deluxe Pizza Feast 7
Hand Tossed Hawaiian Pizza Feast 7
Hand Tossed Vegi Pizza Feast 6

14 inch Large Thin Crust Pizza

Thin Crust Cheese Pizza 4
Thin Crust Deluxe Pizza Feast 6
Thin Crust Hawaiian Pizza Feast 7
Thin Crust Vegi Pizza Feast 5

***NOTE- Add 1 point to the 14 inch pizzas for each of these toppings: anchovies, cheddar cheese, extra cheese, Italian sausage, and pepperoni. Add 2 points each for bacon and beef.

12 inch Medium Deep Dish Pizza

Deep Dish Cheese Pizza 5
Deep Dish Deluxe Pizza Feast 7
Deep Dish Hawaiian Pizza Feast 6
Deep Dish Vegi Pizza Feast 6

12 inch Medium Hand Tossed Pizza

Hand Tossed Cheese Pizza 4
Hand Tossed Deluxe Pizza Feast 5
Hand Tossed Hawaiian Pizza Feast 5
Hand Tossed Vegi Pizza Feast 5

Deep Dish Cheese Pizza (6 inch pizza) 13

***Note – Add 1 point to the 6 inch pizza for each of the following toppings: anchovies, beef, Italian sausage, and pepperoni. Add 2 points for each of the following: bacon, cheddar cheese, and extra cheese.

Barbecue Wings, 1 average piece 1
Hot Wings, 1 average piece 1
Breadstick, 1 piece 3
Cheesy Bread, 1 piece 3

KFC Original Recipe Chicken Points
Breast, served with skin 10
Breast, with skin removed 3
Drumstick, with skin 4
Thigh, with skin 6
Whole Wing, with skin 4

KFC Extra Tasty Crispy Chicken

Breast, served with skin 12
Drumstick, served with skin 5
Thigh, served with skin 9
Whole Wing, served with skin 5

Tender Roast Chicken

Breast, with skin removed 4
Breast, with skin 6
Drumstick, with skin removed 1
Drumstick, with skin 2
Thigh, with skin removed 3
Thigh, with skin 5
Wing, with skin 3

KFC Hot & Spicy Chicken points
Breast, with skin 13
Drumstick, with skin 5
Thigh, with skin 9
Whole Wing, with skin 5

Chicken Pot Pie, Sandwiches & Stripes points
Chunky Chicken Pot Pie 18
Original Recipe Chicken Sandwich 11
Value BBQ Flavored Chicken Sandwich 5
Colonel's Crispy Strips, 3 pieces 6
Spicy Buffalo Crispy Strips, 3 pieces 8
Hot Wings, 6 pieces 12

Side Items Points
BBQ Baked Beans 3
Biscuit, 1 4
Cole Slaw 4
Cornbread 5
Corn on the Cob, 1 3
Macaroni & Cheese 4
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy 3
Mean Greens 1
Potato Salad 5
Potato Wedges 6
Green Beans 0
6 Inch Cold Subs (on white or wheat roll)


Classic Italian B.M.T. Sub 10
Cold Cut Trio Sub 8
Ham Sub 6
Roast Beef Sub 6
Subway Club Sub 6
Subway Seafood & Crab (a processed seafood & crab blend) Sub, made with light mayonnaise 7
Tuna Sub, made with light mayonnaise 8
Turkey Breast Sub 5
Turkey Breast & Ham Sub 5
Veggie Delite Sub 4

6 Inch Hot Subs (on white or wheat roll)
Meatball Sub 9
Roasted Chicken Breast Sub 7
Steak & Cheese Sub 7
Subway Melt Sub 8

6 Inch super Subs (double meat subs on white or wheat roll)


Super Classic Italian B.M.T. Sub 16
Super Cold Cut Trio Sub 12
Super Subway Club Sub 8

Deli Style Sandwiches


Bologna Sandwich 6
Ham Sandwich 5
Roast Beef Sandwich 5
Tuna Sandwich made with light mayonnaise 6
Turkey Breast Sandwich 5
Chicken Salad Sandwich 5

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glamour #mag1

Glamour was the first Magazine I picked up. It's cute looking, handbag handy and cheap. The April Issue had Amanda Seyfried as the cover story (yawn) but before I could read a word another member of the advertising team had "borrowed" it off my desk. I later found it with adverts marked for chasing.

It was p26 before anything caught my eye "Keeping Fit - Don't forget your man" Hmm jogging with Chris (ponder)

*flicking sound effect* p47 "14 ways to be a real -life Wonder Woman" First line "Stop biting your nails..." What? Back to flicking because that list is silly.

*more flicking* pg 65 "52 Things he's really thinking about" again I'm flicking after a glance. This feature is so sickingly sweet I may vomit.

The feature I manage to read is "I'm Celebrity get me of THIS". I'm easily won over by articles that slag off Kerry Katona (I met her once - she was rude)


Ugh Clogs


Can't do fringed bags, gold flats, sorbet shades, but maybe a satchel?

Oh I read the next page too... "How to dress like a Gossip Girl" The article although written by the show's stylist isn't half as good as the Gossip Girl fashion features Kiss have done.

oh back to flicking

"Lipstick is back" I didn't realise it left. Morto for me.


pg 241 Oh nice t-shirt

pg 261 nice eyebrows miss model

pg 281 Ooh a member of Staff on a diet - she's doing well bless her (pity about her terrible taste in clothes). Maybe I will follow her progress online.

Oh what a nice classified section they do have.

Result: Surely that was just a bad issue because I hated it. 3/10

Friday, April 9, 2010

Learning to read again...

Working in advertising has many advantages. I always know the who, what, where & when on new products. I get to chat (& email! I email a lot!) too loads of lovely people which always puts me in good form. I get to be some what creative despite not being in anyway artistic. The odd Spa Day doesn't hurt either. However, like most things in life it has one or two pit falls as well. Copy deadline of course is the worst. Further down the list is the fact that picking up a magazine or Newspaper just isn't the same for me now. I loved my newspapers esp. on a Sunday. Reading Eoghan Harris with some tea and a cat on my lap. Then I started in The Daily Mail (aka first advertising job). That's when the joy got sucked out of it.

On Mail Mondays you spent the first two hours literally tearing through the weekend papers searching for new advertising clients or campaigns to claim as your own to chase/ steal. This meant you were always covered in ink, suffering from paper cuts and had clippings of adverts stuffed everywhere from your pockets, your desk (more piled then stuffed), to even scattered about your house. Do this for long enough your conditioned to see only advertising and printing costs.

Nothing wrecks your Sunday/ day off like flipping through your paper in the shop (like I'd ever buy the Mail?) to see your advert is on a left not as requested on a right or worst in black & bleedin' white. Maybe thats a horror only advertising executives understand but anyway I was banned by loved ones from buying newspapers after too many out bursts of "they said they'd no budget?", and of course "I wonder how much they paid for that".

Now I'm working for a Glossy publication I am slowly tipping my toe back into newspapers.

Working for a Glossy has opened my eyes to the world of magazines. Unlike newspapers I rarely invested much time or energy in them. I got Smash Hits if they featured Boyzone, I bought F1 Racing and Empire hardly Cosmo or Glamour. I was never really a girly girl so articles on clothes I can't afford or prob. fit in too along with make up looks I could never replicate didn't exactly excite me. I wonder what TGI & JRNS would think of me? Kiss had changed my view entirely. I know it's aimed at a teenage market but thats probably why I like it. I'm playing catch up. For example, I never realised if you tug on your eyelid pencil goes on smoothly (I'm telling everyone) It's so bright and colorful and well I'm a frickin' magpie. Also pic's of Edward in Twilight? YES PLEASE!

It's a bit of cheat to say Kiss is my favorite magazine (even though it is) because I spend a lot of time just being happy with my adverts! (I coo over them like a protective Mother) So my plan is to try some standard UK glossies like Company , Glamour and Cosmo to see if I can get into this glossy magazine habit that will no doubt cost me an arm and a leg if successful. I know it's a bit harsh switching to UK Magazines but seeing the Littlewoods Ireland opening DPS I want so much in Stellar makes me cry as much as I enjoy the content.

Not that there isn't adverts I want in UK Magazines but it softens the blow. I'm going to do a post on each but honestly so far I've read two magazines neither left any sort of impact. I can only remember the perfume adverts in one and the other was sex, sex, sex (which I don't mind but having shown Chris the article he feels a lot of their ideas are "unrealistic")

One thing is for sure I won't being reading The Lady. Having watched the Lady & the Revamp documentary on Channel 4 a few weeks ago. I was shocked not by the carry on (its very common esp. in sales) but by the fact they were so stupid as to film themselves being so horrid and clearly bullying members of staff. I think Rachel Johnson had watched The Devil Wears Prada a bit too many times before she took on the job. She even states she doesn't even like the magazine at a point in the documentary. Also, if your circulation is failing maybe try a circulation manager or PR agency before you gut a magazine and it's staff? The most obvious fault I could find was how can The Lady be edited by someone who is so clearly not a lady?

Anyway enough of my ranting - I must go read some Magazines!