Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who were you...

Do people change much after school. I had an old school mate around for Tea at the weekend and we dragged out the old school yearbooks to try and remember some faces.

Out of 90 girls in our year about 10 girls to my horror I couldn't remember at all. The rest of faces came flooding back with juicy gossip and some long forgotten rivilary. Once we had the faces we then needed to combine who was in what group. It's amazing how much like a bad American kids tv show we had "the quiet, nerdy girls", "the beautiful, popular girls", "the edgy, gothy girls", and then you had stand out individuals "the attention seeker" and "the annoying know it all".

Those beautiful, popular girls are still that - whenever I'm out in Limerick I see them - all still one big intimating group somehow taller, slimmer and better dressed than everyone else. They were the girls who had stepped out of a sweet valley high novel with straight A's, a gorgeous boyfriend in college and who's shirt collars were always chrisp, white and prefect. The gothy girls still haven't lost their edge I see them only on facebook living their bohemia lifestyle. The rest I don't see so can only presume or imagine what they are like.

What was I? A floater I think. I could wear pink floaty tops with light coloured jeans and then pottered off to Doc's but also could wear a velvet purple corset dress with too much black eyeliner and potter off to Termites. I was more a geek than nerd and managed to get detention a lot dispite being a good student and getting on quite well with the teachers. People still describe me with the same words "cuddly","nice" or "mad?". All these descriptions I hate but most people hate tags on their personality.

I find it interesting to think of people I work with as "who were they in school" - you can spot the ringleader, the follower, the loner, the nerd, very quickly.

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Rebecca said...

Think I was in the 'others' group in school. Best fashion year was blue velvet blazer, mini skirt and docs...whilst beating the boys at basketball! So much fun!