Sunday, September 27, 2009

100 things that make me happy...

I’m currently reading Dream It. List It. Do! Number 43 on their list is 100 things that make you happy (besides money). I’ve decided to list my 100 things.

1. My daily lunch time phone call to my Mother
2. Getting a lift from Dublin to Limerick on my own with my sister Caroline.
3. Going down the big hill near my house on my bike without braking.
4. Walking dogs at the pound.
5. Seeing Chris at the 37x bus stop.
6. Co-writing a project with Rebecca.
7. Reading Eoghan Harris’s article on a Sunday.
8. Talking politics with Dad.
9. Meeting up with Montse and her son Dylan at the playground.
10. Grooming the cat and getting out a knot.
11. Hearing Chris playing piano from outside the house as I‘m walking up to the house.
12. Getting photos developed.
13. Receiving handwritten letters.
14. When a big group of people sign a Birthday or “Sorry your leaving” card and the notes are personal
15. Listening to Roger Greene on the radio.
16. Happy and polite bus drivers.
17. Fleece PJ’s and big fluffy comfy socks.
18. Watching a great speaker at a debate.
19. Calling Graham “old man“.
20. Reading.
21. Days Chris doesn’t have to get up at 6am.
22. The way Mom/ Dad/ Chris takes care (aka puts up with) me when I’m ill.
23. When I see people running for the bus and they make it.
24. American tourists.
25. When my smallest clients get a big return.
26. When the underdog wins at the Oscars.
27. Drinking wine and watching anything from my sister Evelyn’s massive DVD collection.
28. When the really annoying neighbours kids call to the house to pet the pets!
29. Finding something I thought I’d lost.
30. Rambling.
31. New bed sheets.
32. Really good and really bad buskers.
33. Spending a day in the park.
34. When my cat Luna rubs her pointy little face in mine.
35. Watching Formula 1.
36. Fostering and re-homing an animal.
37. Watching old Boyzone video tapes.
38. Swimming on holidays (the gym is nice but not the same!)
39. Being let go early from work on a Friday.
40. Getting rained on (I have danced in the rain and I’ve no doubt I will again) whilst in good form.
41. Solving a problem.
42. The feeling I get after giving someone something they appreciate or need.
43. A warm scone with jam in the morning.
44. The kind of hang over that makes me jump out of bed at 7am and ring loads of people.
45. Red pandas in the Zoo.
46. Writing/ receiving a long email.
47. Never missing my favourite TV show.
48. Finding someone I thought I lost contact with years ago.
49. Guinness my step-cat’s truffle shuffle.
50. When Captain Jack my rabbit yawns, goes for a stretch or climbs on something way too tall.
51. Giving myself a french polish on the train.
52. Going to press screening of every Harry Potter.
53. Looking around Forbidden Planet.
54. Going to the cinema and saying “I interviewed him…” at least once… (other people hate this!)
55. Proving people wrong.
56. Having nicely shaped eyebrows. (Very rare)
57. Looking at Cars with Dad.
58. Good conversations with Taxi people.
59. Sleeping in general .
60. People leaving comments on my blog.
61. A new Argos/ Llittlewood’s catalogue
62. When Chris says seven.
63. Having Snoopy on my lap watching TV.
64. Listening to Stephen Gately Shooting Star on dubbing speed.
65. Live Music.
66. Comfy clothes.
67. Guinea Pigs chirping
68. Christmas.
69. My daily night time phone call to my Mother.
70. Watching football in the pub with my Bus Buddies. (haven’t done in a very long time)
71. Casey the dog being excited to see me.
73. Watching airplanes take off.
74. Colourful flowers.
75. Colourful anything.
76. Exaggerating.
77. Social networking.
78. John Barrowman.
79. Custody of the ipod.
80. Autumn.
81. Musicals
82. Bed sits and roof gardens.
83. Going to Mass.
84. 80’s cartoon’s
85. Romantic Comedies (when the guy gets the girl moments).
86. Science Fiction.
87. Suitcases with wheels.
88. When Michael from Boyzone gets to do stuff.
89. Hot Showers.
91. Being written on and posted places (Chris sticks stamps on me)
91. When people like my pets (impressed by Wigglesworth - his very impressive_
92. Seeing wildlife in the park.
93. Newborn anything.
94. Weddings.
95. Having tea in Navan.
96. Glitter.
97. Trick or treaters.
98. Entire family in an enclosed space like a car. Etc for long periods.
100 Making lists.

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