Friday, February 26, 2010

Plotting rather than planning.

I love my little rented house but the odd mixture of furniture kills me. I can't stand mixing beech, pine, oak and glass all in one room. I'm plotting to replace things bit by bit with the aim of creating a central theme so the room isn't as fussy and adding extra storage.

I like the ikea modular entertainment unit idea but ikea is perhaps a bit more my last apartment so I plan to recreate some similar but less showy from argos.

The half width tall extra deep bookcase costs €36.99. The small extra deep bookcase is €31.49. The half width small extra deep bookcase is €21.49 with the modular TV unit €56.99.

Hopefully this will create a nice mix & match look with our pictures, items collected on holidays, DVDs, CDs and books on display.

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