Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rodent Cheating..

Oh Rodent Cheating I never thought I'd be writing a blog with that as my title! Alas the Year of the Love Rat has given Ireland's it's own Tiger Woods. Well maybe not quite.

Most other Boyzone fans have rallied around Ronan. I however sit on my fence. I'll judge the action not the man. I'm not exactly a Ronan fan anyway which as a massive Boyzone fan is a bit tricky. In a way his a form of demigod but if I'm honest I childishly resent him getting more lead vocals than Stephen, I still haven't forgiven him for breaking up Boyzone and I sure as hell didn't appreciate how badly he took my suggestion in 2004 that he should get back together with the band. (Never meet your heroes kids.)

One of the most important lessons I've learnt in business is under promise over deliver. I doubt Ronan's ever heard that saying otherwise he'd of never promised (oh I could use the word lied there) that he would be a virgin until he got married, he was the good boy of pop, Boyzone weren't splitting up, his wife was his life, he'd never stray, oh and that he'd never speak to Louis Walsh again. Are we seeing a pattern there? It seems that Ronan (or his marketing people) always set the bar a little high. He seems to say a lot of things he just doesn't mean or maybe hasn't had time to think about. It's great to be perfect it's just not well.. realistic?

My lecturer in College Eoghan Harris warned us female students of men who constantly declare their undying love or who would randomly arrive with roses and poetry. He wisely recommended we find a man who will happily sleep on the wet spot or leave the toilet seat down. I think his right.

What would I do if my beloved Chris cheated. My first thought is I'd photoshop his head on to the body of a rat. My second is I wouldn't break up with him (I'd give him a hard time of course) presuming his enough sense to want to stay. Don't judge! I'm not questioning "what has feminism ever done for me" or giving Chris free reign I just must be lacking morals. Chris has assured me however if I ever cheat he won't ever look or speak to me again. He'll simply take his fluffy white cat and go. Each to his own I guess.

I don't think it's fair to say when one person, male or female, cheats it doesn't means they don't love you. It's simply that they are foolish or plain selfish. All relationships, all people have good times and bad. Everyone including you reader have it in you to hurt the person you care most about in a way that will haunt you forever. Humans are sadly essentially flawed.

The important question is do you still love the offender? Could you move past this betrayal? If the question is Yes then listen to Cheryl and fight for your love if the answer is No then kick them to the curb whilst singing I am Woman and waving the Daily Hate Mail about.

Fingers crossed for Ronan. His not all that bad. It just so happens his not all that good either.

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