Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cheating on Fashion...

I'm one of the few people I know that actually liked the latest Sex & the City Movie. Team Kiss would string me up for admitting this but I preferred it to the first film. I only ever watched the series on TV whilst under house arrest by my male housemate in college who strangely owned all the box sets. Considering at the time I was famously the girl who wore an aran jumper with her PJs to morning classes the glamour of Sex and the City never appealed to me. At that stage I'd never been in a serious relationship. Boys bored me in person so I was never going to relate with their on screen dramas.

Fast forward 7 years and only now is Sex & the City relevant to me. There was one reason I hated the first movie. Jennifer Hudson. No matter what other redeeming features existed such as that Vera Wang wedding dress I will never move past how furious Hudson's character made me. Random I know... There are four solid reasons I enjoyed (not loved) the second movie. Mainly the entire movie was an advert - how could I not approve? It had Liza Minnelli. I can't remember the third but lastly because Carrie cheated on fashion with furniture. I've only ever cheated on fashion with food.

Lydia Marks' set design basically makes me drool. In particular the Poltrona Frau, Ninfea coffee table and the bedroom wallpaper from Cole & Son (Rococo Damask pattern). Yes I like it so much I might have done research. I may have also requested a price for the coffee table off an Irish Supplier. If it fits on my credit card - it shall be mine! Go on have a perv at some photos.

Most importantly while I didn't relate to their Benny Hill take on culture in the Middle East I did relate to Carrie's seemingly unjustified disgust at a television being placed in the bedroom and even worst that dreaded Deadliest Catch program (it often caused fights between me & Chris) and the idea that relationships do need a lot work and sometimes you just need a little space.

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