Thursday, February 12, 2015

Girl Crush this Valentines!

I was a huge wrestling fan as a kid. Recently (three years ago is recent right?) some free tickets to the WWE event in Dublin had me falling in love all over again.

In particular I adore the DIVA division – it’s just getting stronger and stronger. I’m addicted to “Total Divas” which is probably more scripted than their matches. 

I can’t decide who I love more the beautiful bellas (my personal motivation to get a gym membership) or cat loving Hart Dynasty bat shit crazy Nattie (why isn’t she Diva’s Champion???)  

Just spotted this really great Valentines photo shoot of WWE's loveliest ladies, courtesy of an all-new gallery on

Who would you want a card from this Valentines?

Nikki Bella is definitely my girl crush.  

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