Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The ugly face of humanity on Radio 1/Newstalk

I could barely listen to the radio as I travelled to work this morning. First a Newstalk interview with a Nun from Cori who bless her just didn't seem to get it. She didn't seem to understand why they were coming across so cold and uncaring, why their promise to "find the best and most appropriate ways forward" was taken as cop out rather than an offer of support. Maybe thats what the problem is with the modern church - too much has happened for us to believe they are putting us before themselves. There is no trust to take them at face value or even to believe they mean they are sorry. Two kinds of people living such different lives of course we are finding it hard to understand each other or to communiate affectively. Our lack of faith? Their lack of comprehension? The topic of the interview of course was compensation and what worries me most is - Are we more worried that we are wasting tax payers money? That we feel the Church could foot the bill? So we can free up some cash? rather than out of actual concern for the victims? We are accusing the Church of greed but aren't we guilty of the same sin? Shouldn't we be more concerned about holding the people not the Church accountable for their actions and abuse of power? If I go on a killing spree tomorrow I would be responsible for my actions - my parents wouldn't be hauled in and questioned about how I was raised? My employer wouldn't be blamed because for the pressures or conditions of my job, they definately wouldn't try and shield me from the law. I only would be accountable and dealt with accordingly in fact fairly. A month or so back a girl who falsely accused a man of a sexual assault a few years back came forward and confessed it was a lie. She didn't know why she did it, she was just a child - she just... did? That takes courage, taking responsibity for a horrible lie that ruined someone's life but she had the strength to attempt to try and change it. Where are the Priests, Nuns and workers who committed these abuses? Hiding behind the likes of decent, caring and hard working Priests, Nuns and care givers. More fool them for letting them hide there. Why don't these people come forward, confess, take their punishment and give their victims some piece of mind? Well... they have no doubt confessed their sins to their own counsel and await judgement but not from me or you. Will they go to left hand side of the Lord or the right? Will preaching the good name of the Lord cancel out the endless lifes ruined? Unfortunately, there can be no resolution that can simply make it better for the vicitims. It's too late - resigned to the history books as a lesson learnt or a blackened page to skipped over? I can't help but notice History has a terrible habit of repeating itself. 

Second - (oh yes I'm not finshed yet) the horrific murder of the social worker Kevin McDaid in Coleraine. The accounts of his wife and son are terrifying. How can a team winning a match in the Scottish league cause 40 people to hop into their cars to look for trouble? First of all the Scottish league is rubbish (name three other teams in the division?) - if you like football follow either a local team/league or bloody good one you'll enjoying watching. I don't get the whole Celtic has Irish roots so we should support them and you can't like Rangers because they have protestant roots shite. There are no doubt hundreds of crappy sports club around the world with Irish roots I don't feel the need to support them all and hate their rivals for no particular reason. How many Irish Man U fans have roots in the north of England? I'm a Liverpool fan my best mate is a Man U fan? So whats the issue with Celtic and Rangers? Nothing - absolutely nothing. It's a sham, a vehicle, a cover and a poor excuse. How stupid do you have to be to feel you can celebrate a match win with a murder? Not stupid - no it's in fact evil. But it's ignorance thats leads you to that point. Or in fact the sheep or ignorant people are sent off filled with some kind of empty rage no doubt stemming from their own insecurities or faults while some one else slightly cleverier pulls the strings. Carefully manipulating the worst kind of people. The sheep will be picked up, jailed, released while these people are still peddling their hatred to further generations, posioning them with pointless hatred for their own gain.

 In between these two horror stories were countless other stories as bad. I should have switched to Spin 1038 it would of set me up better for the day but sometimes you should look at the terrible face of humamity and ask questions. I've no answers though and I can't see anyone else with any either.  

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