Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why sometimes being Irish is a little bit Irish?

I had a great holiday - wrecked now - covered in cats as was the recovery plan! But bubbling away the past few days has been the down side of a 199 euro get away to the sun. Now I'm going to have a quick moan before I sleep or prehaps upload my holiday pic's as I'm a bit past sleeping. I've nothing against letting loose on holidays I've been piss your pants/ puke in your handbag drunk on ocassion well not quite but you know what I mean... but I couldn't help but be slightly/hugely embrassed by my fellow Irish men and woman in the apartments I stayed at. Now I don't have kids, don't want kids and won't say I know a whole lot about kids but I would of thought the dog on street might know some simple keep your kids alive and well basics. 1. Sun screen of a high factor re-applied through out the day? Nope - some kids were plain tango'd by the last day. 2. Don't leave your toddler unattended by the pool esp. the deep end? Nope - sure they'd be grand. 3. Don't let your kid have what ever they want from the Pool Bar? No one thought hours of sugary drinks and snacks would cause chaos... 4. Have we all not been plagued and upset by information on Madeline McCann's kidnapping that we know leaving the kids alone in a room with the door open so they can wander to the pool and bar if bored might be slightly dangerous? Nope a few hours in the pub are more important.

Now I fully accept kids are annoying - I would find it hard to pay them 100% attention when all I wanted was to relax prehaps for the first time in 5 years esp. when there is a bit of sun however... tough. We bring em along you better be up for the challenge. If you know you're going to tempted to ignore your kids as much as you like them don't bring them. My Aunt came up with a great idea - country cousins and city cousins. When she wanted a sun break she shipped her kids out to the countryside to us and my parents shipped us off to the city (its actually a small town but we thought it was massive) when they had things they wanted to do. Parents deserve a break after all. However bringing your kids on holidays and not having their well being top of your list is unforgivable. Being distracted by the quest for a perfect tan or the need to get pissed doesn't cut it. None of the kids (who must of been taken out of school for these holidays) suffered luckily nothing more than tooth decay and skin damage so I am clugging like a mother hen for no reason but these are lessons best not learnt the hard way.

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