Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glamour #mag1

Glamour was the first Magazine I picked up. It's cute looking, handbag handy and cheap. The April Issue had Amanda Seyfried as the cover story (yawn) but before I could read a word another member of the advertising team had "borrowed" it off my desk. I later found it with adverts marked for chasing.

It was p26 before anything caught my eye "Keeping Fit - Don't forget your man" Hmm jogging with Chris (ponder)

*flicking sound effect* p47 "14 ways to be a real -life Wonder Woman" First line "Stop biting your nails..." What? Back to flicking because that list is silly.

*more flicking* pg 65 "52 Things he's really thinking about" again I'm flicking after a glance. This feature is so sickingly sweet I may vomit.

The feature I manage to read is "I'm Celebrity get me of THIS". I'm easily won over by articles that slag off Kerry Katona (I met her once - she was rude)


Ugh Clogs


Can't do fringed bags, gold flats, sorbet shades, but maybe a satchel?

Oh I read the next page too... "How to dress like a Gossip Girl" The article although written by the show's stylist isn't half as good as the Gossip Girl fashion features Kiss have done.

oh back to flicking

"Lipstick is back" I didn't realise it left. Morto for me.


pg 241 Oh nice t-shirt

pg 261 nice eyebrows miss model

pg 281 Ooh a member of Staff on a diet - she's doing well bless her (pity about her terrible taste in clothes). Maybe I will follow her progress online.

Oh what a nice classified section they do have.

Result: Surely that was just a bad issue because I hated it. 3/10

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