Thursday, June 23, 2011

You had me at..

GQ Magazine (who I credit for these pics FYI) did the most amazing photoshoot with Darren Criss not so long ago. Well you had me at Darren Criss but the whole point of the shoot was rocking a different look to weddings. Well you had me a Wedding... you'll all know I'm working away on my own Maid of Honour duties (squeal)at the moment but the thoughts of what Mister Ledwidge will be wearing are very present in my brain. Now his declared a lack of interest in all theses outfits.. Fair enough prehaps only Darren can rock check but the interesting thing about this article is how they talk about tailoring and how if you buy the most expensive suit in the world it won't matter if it doesn't fit you right and well isn't that what I'm always saying so go buy the magazine!

Check back in May 2012 to see what Chris ends up wearing to the wedding of decade. If its not tailered thats all him! I did my best and so did GQ Magazine & Darren Criss.

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