Saturday, August 18, 2012

Apex the Film

Check it out Evanna Lynch is in a zombie movie! Sorta perfect! It's called APEX the film. Follow @APEXthefilm for more info.

I didn't expect to see anything until her appearance in Sky's ""Sinbad and "the upcoming film in Scotland I can't remember the name of" she is cast in so its a treat. She will also be playing Luna Lovegood in a AVPSY no doubt hitting youtube at snails pace after leakycon.

I do really enjoy her tweets and it sounds like she is really having fun post potter. I feel a crazed need to champion her after interviewing her for KISS. She was just so nice and her story is very inspiring. Actual journos I know echo that sentiment so she will go far.

Wouldn't she be a great Vampire Slayer (not that any non whedon remakes should be allowed)

Also I've a cat called Luna so there you go!

Also there is a version of Radiohead's Creep used in the trailer by Carrie Manolakos.

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