Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Pub Hub

A new breed of savvy socialisers (a name I totes stole from Prosperity)?

I just got a text message from my phone network asking me to download .. a great night out in the palm of my hand. Ever their obliging customer I did indeed download The Pub Hub.

Britvic Ireland has worked in conjunction with Belfast Digital Agency Tibus and Simply Zesty to develop the Pub Hub app. This app is meant to use that geo-location jazzy to find the best food and drink offers near you, either by venue, location, nearest offers, or latest deals.  And it totally works. If Britvic wanted to come and kill me they would now totally have my location…

Content on the app is a bit sparse. Or maybe there aren’t actually that many pubs left open anymore. In the city centre I have a good amount of choice but at home in Castleknock not a lot of pubs show up. The deals I’ve noticed are just their normal run of the mill stuff. Maybe a unique “Groupon” style deal would have been a better option – like a redeem a food platter for X yoyos with this code might work better.

All around a good idea well executed. I totes want a rum and club orange now?

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