Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Doctor! Doctor!

I am unhealthy! Hence I am sick.

Currently I am on my third viral infection since Christmas. This time to keep things fresh I also have conjunctivtis. (Yes - such a classy disease!) Previous to this there was an unexplained period where I had chest pain and an inablity to breathe which involved a faux blood clot and a lot of conspiracy theories I am "anxious". How can you not be anxious when you can't breathe? Silly doctors.

The big question is why? What is it about my lifestyle that's making me as weak as a kitten?

I've never done drugs (hmmm...codeine) I don't smoke? I'm not a big drinker? I ran a 10k last year ( was more of a struggle than a run) and my boyfriend is vegetarian surely meaning I get plenty veg.

Loads of people burn the candle at both ends 247 yet are bright eyed and bushy tailed at work while I am pus eyed and barely albe to speak I'm so tired.

And then there is that class of superhumans - those people who when they are suffering from a terrible cold just miss the gym? I don't think I can ever reach their level?

So what do I have to do to be healthy? I don't think I've the energy? Hence the vicious circle?

I think I'll start with chicken noodle soup, vicks, benylin and bed. The rest will have to wait.

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